My seventh truth…a life worth living

Day 07 – Someone who has made your life worth living for.

There are some people that live their lives being what they think they should be. There are others that live their lives being what they are. My Cioci (Aunt) Florence was one of the latter people. She lived in the same two-story house on the same street in the same neighborhood of the same overly-populated city in New Jersey for 70 years. Her best friend was her sister, they did everything together. They owned twin houses nextdoor to each other. They went food shopping together. They went to church together and volunteered at soup kitchens. They were inseprible. Neither ever married. Neither ever needed to. Neither cared what anyone else thought of their situation. It was who they were, and they were beautiful.

My aunt was an amazing woman. She kept up with everyone’s whereabouts. She knew everything that was important to know in the family. She was the one that people went to when they had a problem, needed guidance, or just an ear to listen. Before she passed away last year, she sat me down while we were at a family function, and told me how proud she was of me.

You see, she had always wanted to go into the career that I was in graduate school for. She had taken classes at New York University years prior, but hadn’t stuck with it. Life got in the way.

She told me how happy she was that I was going into that field, and that she felt like she was living vicariously through me. She wanted me to succeed in the career she wasn’t ever able to get off the ground. She believed in me. She knew that I could get through the program, even when I had my doubts.

Every time I have an exam that takes me days to study for, or a paper that keeps me up at night writing, I think of my aunt. In part, she is the reason why I have come this far and have never given up. I made a promise to her that I would succeed in this profession. So, in part, I am living for her. I love my future career, but she has given me even more of a reason to pursue it.


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